Thursday, March 26, 2015

Before Moving Aboard

We are almost done getting things stored that will not be going on the boat.  Here is a photo tour of the boat before we move in.

This is looking up the companionway. To the right is the aft cabin and to the left is the galley.

Microwave, oven, stove. To the left of the stove is a deep storage area.
The back of the galley. Hammock for holding fruits, vegetables, anything we don't want sliding around while underway. The large cutout is the freezer/refrigerator. To the left is another deep storage area.

Deep storage

This refrigerator is a little larger than a dorm size. Overflow cold air from the deep frige spills into this. It is good for lettuce and salad veggies that would get too cold in the other one.
This is the aft head (bathroom) It is just across from the galley and right before going into the aft cabin.

The Nav station.

Small sofa seats two.

All of the seats have storage underneath.
I keep extra blankets and games in this one.  Under the Nav station seat B keeps his tools.

Dining table.  The table will lower down and cushion placed on top for 1-2 people for sleeping.  Behind the back cushions is more storage.

In the master cabin. There are two big drawers underneath the bed.

A little seating area across from the bed.

The forward head (bathroom)

So that is the inside of the boat. Now you know. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Becoming Minimalists

We are planning to move onto our 40 ft sailboat and live and cruise up and down the eastern seaboard.  Not much will fit on a boat along with six people. So we have been paring waaay down.

This past Saturday we had the first of two garage/moving sales.

We sold quite a bit, but still have a lot left.  We also keep finding more and more to add to it.  What doesn't sell, will be given to friends or donated. 

We were not planning to sell the beds and dressers quite yet, but when buyers asked at the sale, we went ahead.  Now we are house camping.  Want to see what that looks like? Air mattress and pallets on the floor, new tubs for clothes and shoes...

We are storing things with a couple of friends. We bought a cargo trailer to keep seasonal clothes, tools and other misc. things we will need easier access to.

We have about two and half weeks left in the house. It is feeling bigger and bigger as it gets emptied out.  The boys have been great. They are much better of letting go of things than I am.  But they are just things. I seem to attach too many memories to certain things rather than just taking a picture and treasuring them in my heart. 

It is also freeing in a way to not have as much stuff. Too many things can start to suffocate after awhile. Less really is more.

Grandma's Desk

My Grandma Helen had an old roll top desk in her bedroom.  She would sit there to write articles for the local paper about what was happening in the community.  She would write cards to send to friends and family.  I think she must have decorated some of the cards because there was ground in glitter for many years. 

I loved to go in and roll the top up and down. It had a curve to it like a mini roller coaster.

When Grandma died back in May of '94, the roll top desk was the main thing I wanted.  Dad kept it their the house for several years and used it as well until I had a place for it in our house.  The desk moved with us from KS to NC.

Now we are paring down and becoming minimalists to live on a 40 ft. sailboat.  The desk is being stored with a good friend until we have a place for it again.