Monday, January 5, 2015

New Treads

We spent all of Christmas vacation down at the boat.  We came back one day for a few hours to do laundry and grocery shop.

While at the boat, B did some small projects. Installing a galvonic isolater at the beginning of break and towards the end, new treads on the steps.

The previous owners had treads on the top two steps, but we wanted all four protected.  B took a photo on his phone of the existing and off to West Marine we went.

West Marine did not have the treads in stock, but could order some. They would be $12 each. No thanks.

Next we went to Lowes. No precut treads, but we did find a heavy duty foot mat and some double sided carpet tape. The mat was $6.50 and the tape around $3.

To start the project, B removed the existing treads.

I cleaned the steps.

Next, B used the old treads as a templet to trace and cut the new ones out.

Finally, he taped the new treads to the steps.

The remaining piece of mat was just the right size to put in the companion way before coming down the steps.

Total cost was about $10 for a quick project that will keep us from slipping on the steps.