Monday, August 15, 2011

A Pert Near Perfect Weekend

We went camping at Toronto Lake this past weekend. I was our third and best time.

The first time we camped there, our kayaks got stolen! They were recovered, undamaged about a month later. The second time was good except for the LOUD drunks pulling into camp with their music blaring in the middle of the night.

But this time, was as close to perfect as you can get.

We rolled in late afternoon on Friday. There was absolutely no one else in the entire tent camping area, so we got a great spot in a shady area right next to the good shower house. I say the good one because there are two. The other one down by the beach is one of those open air affairs.

We set up camp, paid our fee, and went for a hike. Back at camp we had sandwiches for dinner.

The only down side is that there was a burn ban due to the drought this summer, so no cheery camp fire. That night we had a wonderful thunder storm! We were prepared so it was nice to just lay in our tent listening to the water patter and thunder rumble.

Saturday morning dawned cool and beautiful! The sun shade had partially blown over, but was soon straightend back up. After a breakfast of english muffin egg sandwiches, Brian took the older three boys canoeing and Nathan and I went for a hike. Back for a lunch of chili dogs and just hanging out. We got ready for the real reason we were there that weekend.

A WTM computer friend who just lives about an hour away from us, had messaged me a couple months ago about a float trip for their youth group. The group was set to arrive around 2pm. So we took the canoes down to the docks and tied them up. When they arrived it was so nice to meet in person someone you have never met but feel you know because of common interests and friends on the net. A funny side note, Brian had met her already! They went to school together way back when. And She was good friends with one of my Sister-in-laws as young girls. such a small world!

So we got the men and youth on their way in the canoes, and went to the beach with the moms and kids. Later, they graciously shared their snacks with us before heading back to town.

For dinner, we made hamburgers and salad. Everyone took a much needed shower and went to bed.

Sunday morning was another beautiful cool start to the day. We had breakfast burritos and coffee cake. The kids and Bri went for a walk and I enjoyed a little quiet down time. When they got back we went on a family canoe trip on the Blue Water Trail. After that we broke camp, had lunch and headed back home.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Today at the Y a little kid was trying to steal Nathan's toy skate board that he likes to throw and then dive for in the water. I took the toy so the kid couldn't get it.

Later on the boys were in the family room and the kid attacks Nathan for the same toy! Nathan did not do anything to this kid. Nathan gave the toy to Jacob so the kid would leave and then the kid slaps him two times on the cheek! Jacob broke it up. Then the kids mom came up and took care of him and apologized to Nathan.

I am proud of Nathan for not fighting back and proud of Jacob for stepping in to defend his brother.

We have kept the boys in a pretty small fish bowl and now some of the world is seeping in. We really need to continue praying for wisdom in training them up in the way they should go.