Sunday, March 29, 2009

End of March???

We had a "spring blizzard" blow in over the weekend. Friday about 11:30 it started sleeting ice. This continued to increase as the day wore on. During the night it changed to snow. Most of the day Saturday it snowed. We stayed in close to the fire. By Sunday morning the snow had stopped,leaving the perfect day for the boys to play in it outside.

With the ground covered with a layer of ice topped with snow,they discovered the art of homemade skiing. All you need is one or two pieces of leftover scrap wood and two long sticks to act as poles. A small hill,and your set to go!

Here is a picture of the boys demonstrating.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!

Today is my wonderful husbands birthday! The boys and I are so blessed to have him in our lives!

Here are a couple pictures of Bri doing one of his favorite things, Sailing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Are you wearing green today? Watch out if you're not, my boys will pinch you!

Following another March 17 tradition, we are going to plant our potatoes today. We are also going to plant onions for the first time.

Last Saturday I picked up some seed potatoes from the local Ace Hardware store. Luke and Jacob cut them into pieces making sure each one had an eye. They have been sitting on cookie sheets toughening up as the instructions said to do.

Yesterday Luke and Jacob tilled both the big garden bed and the small patch. Then we took up our shovels and spread the aged horse manure we had gotten on Saturday from a local horse riding place. Then that got tilled in and we are ready to garden!

The rest of the garden vegetables will wait a few more weeks I think. Last year I planted a little too early and we had a few cold nights.

Along with the potatoes and onions, we will plant:

big tomatoes,cherry tomatoes, jalapeno peppers,bell peppers,cucumbers,zucchini,broccoli,lettuce,snow peas,yellow squash,butternut squash,popcorn,green beans,pumpkin,and more garlic.

Have a great day!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Activities

Our weekend started on Friday morning with the boys and I going over to a friends house to play and have lunch. Friday night we had tacos with homemade taco shells.

Saturday morning, Bri took three of the boys out for breakfast. They picked up a bag of biscuits from Braum's and took them to a local park to eat. Caleb over slept and missed the outing,but he and I had a good time making an oven pancake and reading books together. With everyone back at home, we helped Bri with some reorganizing around the house. That afternoon he,Jacob and Luke built a little shelf together. That evening Bri's parents came over for dinner of hamburgers and oven fries. After dinner we watched one of our family movies we had just gotten transferred to dvd. Such fun watching the boys as babies and toddlers!

Sunday morning we listened to church on the radio and got a couple phone calls about the bike stroller and table and chairs Bri had listed on Craigslist. Both sold. Also gave much needed hair cuts.

In Andover today was the grand opening of the new Dillons Market Place. We went to check it out and pick up a few groceries. As we were leaving, they were giving away 1/2 gallon tea,bread and donuts. Can't beat free stuff!

And of course it wouldn't be the weekend without time at the lake. We took four kayaks and went a ways into Wagon Wheel. Caleb and Nathan riding on the back of two kayaks.

So that's what we have been up to this week end. Off to bed and ready for a new week.