Thursday, September 13, 2012

6 Months Ago

Six months ago today the boys and I were at Andover Park. It was a beautiful Tuesday. We had just gotten an armful of books from the library and were walking around the pond. We had been camping in our empty house, getting over terrible colds for the past 5 nights. The movers had come the previous Wednesday and Thursday to pack and load our stuff into the huge moving truck. The boys and I had sleeping bags, a few changes of clothes, school books, a borrowed mini frige, microwave, and two camp chairs. Brian was already in Kinston working. We were waiting on the Title Company to get their act together so we could close and hit the road to our new life in North Carolina. The company said our KS house, a modular home, had to be titled. So we were jumping through all kinds of hoops to get that done. Brian did some research and lo and behold it didn't need a title after all! One would think a title company would know the laws and such about that. So we were walking around enjoying the feeling of sunshine and slowly returning energy after being sick. Just waiting to get the phone call that we could sign the closing paperwork and hit the road. Not knowing how long it would be. 1 day, 5 days,...? Then my phone rang! Brian was calling to tell us closing would be at 2pm. We quickly returned all the books back to the library and raced home to get ready. I called everyone to let them know we were leaving the next morning and said goodbyes tearfully over the phone. Since being sick so recently we couldn't say goodbye in person and risk my grandparents health or friends and family. My dear Father- in -law though invited us over for a final dinner of Subway sandwiches. Sleeping on the floor in our bags for a final night was uneventful. We got up, grabbed a quick breakfast, loaded the van and headed out for the two day drive. A few weeks before when Bri and I drove his car down we had to take a long detour as the GPS kept wanting us to cross the Mississippi and every time we tried there was road construction. So to avoid all that mess when it was time to drive with the boys, we took the southern route. We went down to Oklahoma and across into Arkansas. But then we inched our way through Little Rock for over two hours for road construction!! I had wanted to get at least to Nashville that first day, but just couldn't make it. We stopped in Jackson, TN around 9pm. The hotel we chose was less then stellar. I didn't even want to wait for the 5:30 free breakfast. We were back on the road by 5 and stopped for doughnuts and a gas station. They were the best! Warm and soft, fresh out of the oven. Driving went well most of the day. Near Raleigh, it started raining. Not just a light shower, but so heavy the wipers were going nonstop, people were pulling over to wait it out. I was so ready to just to Kinston, I kept going. I figured crawling at 15 mph was better than sitting still. After awhile it let up. Then we got into heavy rain again. We pulled into the Hampton Inn Parking lot about 7:30pm. Home sweet home until we moved into our house a couple weeks later.