Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Outer Banks

We took a mini vacation to the Outer Banks this past weekend. Since we moved, we have been hearing over and over, "You have to go to the Outer Banks!" So we went. We left Saturday morning and drove two hours to Cedar Island to catch the 10:00 ferry to Ocracoke Island. The ride was very smooth and took a little over two hours.
Driving off the ferry we drove through town. It is very touristy. We stopped at a camp ground to check it out and decided to keep looking. In the meantime we pulled off the side of the road where a dozen other cars had done the same. Changed into our suits, and went to jump some waves. We then drove to the other end of the island and got onto another ferry, this one only 40 minutes, to Hatteras Island. We drove to a camp ground near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Cool to see the lighthouse, but the camp was too far from the beach. HA! So back on the road we went. We drove up to Oregon Inlet and camped there at a camp ground in the dunes.
We had to cross three dunes to get to the ocean, but it was so beautiful, it was worth it.
Sunday morning, we woke up, had breakfast and went back to the ocean. Lunch at camp, then we loaded up to go to Nags Head for ice and sight seeing. We went to a surf shop called Wings that have several locations. We shopped around, took some photos and bought some beach chairs and a little umbrella. :-)
Sunday night was rough mosquito and sand flea wise. We had been warned though. Monday morning we got up and had breakfast. Debated on going back to the beach. Decided to break camp instead. Once all was loaded, we went to a beach up the road.
We swam a bit but it wasn't as enjoyable because of all the seaweed that had washed up. The sky was darkening out over the ocean and we watched two funnels form. One went all the way to the water and created an amazing sustained burst of water. I ran back to the van for the camera. Pretty funny that we spent our whole lives in Kansas and only see a tornado once we moved to NC.
After that excitement, we loaded back into the van and went up the road to the Wright Brothers National Memorial near Kitty Hawk. It is a very neat place. So amazing to be right where history was made!
Picnic lunch near Kill Devil Hill and then time to head back home. We stopped along the way for some smoked shrimp at a seafood market and then at Sams for a couple things. Had a pizza at Sams for dinner, then home to unpack. What a wonderful time away with my family. We loved the Outer Banks!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


It is amazing how clearly we have seen God in every aspect of our move. From our house, to our church and new friends. People are so giving and friendly. It just blows our minds. Our church family has taken us in under their wings. Each one is special in their own way. The neighbor boy and our guys play almost daily. Lately all the guys have been going over to the nearby park and playing tennis. Other times they play baseball or frisbe in our yard.