Monday, April 27, 2015

First Month as Livaboards

We have been full time livaboards for almost a month now. The transition has gone smoother than I thought it would. That is a very good thing and a testament to all of the prayers and support we have received.

We left our house in Kinston, North Carolina on Tuesday, March 31 for the final time. Everything that wasn't going onto the boat was packed in our 12x6 cargo trailer or stored safely with friends.

On Thursday, April 2 the boys and I went back to Kinston for our final day of Klass.  It was also Jacob's birthday. First order of business upon getting to town was for Luke to take his driver's test and get his 2nd level permit. We then met friends at the park for a picnic lunch before Klass.  One of my girls from the Middles group made us a delicious boat cake.

The Moms made us a giant card for everyone to sign.

After Klass we went to Nana's house to spend the night. That evening was Maundy Thursday, so we went to the service at Grace Fellowship Church. On Friday, the boys did their yardwork and mowing while I grocery shopped and then I made a cheesecake for Jacob's birthday.  We loaded it into a cooler very carefully and headed back to the boat.

Of course that Sunday was Easter.  We watched the Grace Service online and that evening attended the BSC Easter dinner.

That first full week on the boat was spent getting everything stored, school work, and learning to cook full time in the galley.

I was happy to discover I could fit a full batch of biscuits on my little baking sheet. Nothing larger than a 9x13 fits in the tiny galley oven.

That Thursday Brian and I took Jacob to Ruby Tuesday for his Birthday Burger then did our first stint at the Laundrymat.  Friday was back to Kinston for the boys to work and me grocery shop.

That has been a big adjustment for me; decreasing the amount of stuff I buy and increasing the times I shop.  I've also learned fresh produce doesn't last as long, so we eat more salads right after shopping day.

Saturday the 11th was the Open Boat Show at BSC and the 60's Themed Social that night. We really enjoyed being able to see other boats and get ideas for decorating and storage solutions.

The following week was mainly school work and CAT testing for the boys. Brian was working on various boat things.

On Friday the boys did not do yard work because of rainy weather, so instead we went  to our friend's house to do laundry, play, and grocery shop.  That evening, we had dinner and a planning meeting with friends that we will be traveling to the Chesapeake with as buddy boats.

Saturday the 18th was gloomy and rainy. Before the rain started we loaded up in the dinghy to test out a smaller engine. We ended up buying the smaller engine and selling the larger one. It was mainly a weight issue.

During all this time we had a canvas enclosure for the cockpit made and installed. Unfortunately  many mistakes were made and we are now waiting for another canvas guy to squeeze us in to fix the major issues. The rest will have to wait.

On Monday the 20th we sailed the boat about 4-5 miles up river to Bridgeton Harbor so we will be closer to the canvas shop.  We have enjoyed walking all around this small quaint town looking at the older homes each morning. We are docked next to our former neighbors from Duck Creek. We will be having them over to share dinner on Wednesday evening.

This past Friday, we drove both the car and van to Kinston to drop off the boys to work and then took the vehicles to Raleigh to sell them at Carmax. We rented a car to return to the boat.

Saturday and Sunday was a fundraising regatta for the youth sailing organization that all of the family participated in. Luke and Caleb were crewing on our former boat. Jacob crewed on another boat. Brian worked on the Mark boat. Nathan and I helped with the food set up and clean up.

This morning Brian and I went into New Bern and turned in the vehicle tags. As soon as the canvas can be reworked, we will be ready to start cruising.