Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day of Blessings

Yesterday was a huge day of blessings for me.  A few weeks ago, my great friend , Linda, had told me that for my birthday, she and I were going to spend the day shopping. Just the two of us. No kids, no husbands, just her and I.

That day came yesterday.  She is a coupon saver and had three $10 off coupons for JC Penny.  I also save all the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons that come in the mail and pass onto her.  Apparently, they never expire, even if a date is on them.

So she picked me up a little after 10am. After giving the boys instructions for the tenth time, we left.

First stop was the bank, to cash a couple checks.  Then we headed to Winterville, to drop off a gift at our former pastor's new house.  It was so good to see him and their two doggies again.  Missed his wife, as she was at work.

Then it was off to Red Lobster for lunch. So good!

After that we headed to JC Penny.  I had a couple things in mind I wanted to look for. First thing was a new waffle iron, as our old one had recently died.  Not really died, but when sparks shoot out the cord, I figured it was time to trash it.  They had two models to choose from. One for $21 and one for $72.  MMM decisions, decisions.  Of course we picked up the $21 one.  It is the Belgian style that has the deep wells and you pour the batter, shut the lid and flip it.  Kinda fun.

Next, I wanted a new belt. I can't believe the price of belts these days! We found a clearance rack and I found a perfect black belt. Regular price was $28 marked down to $12.99.

Finally, I wanted to browse in the shoe dept. I have plenty of clothes and shoes, but shoes are shoes.  On the clearance rack I found some Fila tow shoes. The diplay show was my size, so Linda found a clerk who was very helpful and funny. He got the matching shoe, I tried them on, loved them and headed to the check out.

With her coupons we got the waffle iron for $11, the belt for $3, and the shoes for $5!!!  Blessed to find what I was after and doubly blessed that she bought it all for me!

Next stop was Bed, Bath & Beyond. she found a toaster oven and I got a garlic press.

Just for fun, we stopped next door at Ross's.  I don't think I had ever been in one before.  Pretty much the same as TJ Max.  We were fooling around  in the shoe dept. Surprise surprise.  I had been wanting a black show that could be dressed up or down.  I found some black mules. They were $15. So into the basket they went.  We also found some dish towels.  I bought a couple Christmas hand towels for our neighbor as a Thank you for keeping an eye on our house when we are gone.

Then we went across the parking lit to Best Buy.  I wanted to find a clock radio for Brian to have at work.  It is next to impossible to find just a standard clock radio.  Everything now, is just a port to put an iphone in and use that way. They had ONE left. I snatched it right up.  We found a couple wii game for the boys.  In line at the register I grabbed a $5 movie, Mall Cop for the family.

Our final stop shopping stop was Dollar Tree where I got a bunch of stocking stuffers for the boys.  then we went to Sams Club and got a yogurt cup.

Back at her house, we went next door, where the family that helps on their farm had boxes of food for my family. Their generosity blows my mind.

Home to unload, eat dinner and get ready for church.  Great service, saw my precious friends, and afterward another lady gave me two huge bags of shoes and clothes for the boys!

It was a very Blessed day!