Thursday, April 30, 2009

Camping 2009

We had our first camp out of the year last weekend. With plenty of adventure and excitement,it was definitely memorable!

We left Friday evening when Bri got home from work. Once we found our camp site and got set up,we had homemade sub sandwiches for dinner.

The boys kept busy with the bow saw cutting wood for the fire.

Saturday morning we had breakfast burritos and ate around the camp fire. Bri took a Hobie kayak out sailing and returned a while later dripping wet. A gust of wind flipped him over! After stringing up a clothes line, the boys and I headed for the beach. Back at camp, we cooked hot dogs over the fire for lunch.

After lunch I put Nathan for his nap in the tent. The other boys wanted to go back to the beach. Bri said they could walk over and when he got there in his kayak, they could swim and he'd watch from the water.

After Nathan's nap, he and I walked over to join the others. Arriving at the beach, we saw Bri towing a motor boat with his kayak! The owner didn't tie it up or something, and with the strong south wind,the boat was headed up the lake sans driver. Bri tied up his kayak to the boat, got in and drove the boat back to the docks to the very relieved owner.

When the clouds picked up even more, we headed back to camp. Luke got the fire going again and I put some potatoes on a grill rack over the fire to cook. It started to lightly rain,then stop and start several times. Knowing weather was moving in, Bri and the boys put up a tarp shelter for us to move the picnic table and coolers under. Then the rain started in earnest. I was happily cooking the chicken in a skillet on the camp stove safely under the tarp. We got the potatoes off the fire and tried to keep them warm between two plates. Then came the wind. Even under the tarp,the table was getting soaked with blowing rain. We stood around eating the chicken, then I cubed the potatoes and made hash browns for our second course. The rain let up and Bri cooked marshmallows over the stove for s'mores for dessert.

I worked on the dishes and the boys took a walk around the loop. Back at camp we all brushed our teeth and sat in the tent reading My Side of the Mountain before bed.

During the night the wind picked up again. About 1:00 we heard a crack,and down came the tent on top of us. By 1:30 we were loading everything and everyone up as fast as we could. 2:00 am found us slowly driving back around the lake and back home.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our New Camping Toy

Our favorite sporting goods store is going out of business. We've been checking in every couple weeks as the prices get lower and lower on what's left. Yesterday we stopped in and came out with a new double hammock at 40% off.

First we set it up outside and practiced getting in and out with out falling. Then we took it over to the lake and Bri hung it between two trees right next to the water. Now it is hanging in the basement where the boys love to rock and read their books.

Right now Nathan is using it for his nap.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Party

Thursday evening Grandpa B. came over for the big dinner. That morning we had given Jacob his gifts from us. A new pair of camo pants,a pellet gun and pellets

Sunday afternoon Grandpa B. and Uncle A. came to the "cake and ice cream" party. Jacob got just what he had asked for, making for a happy birthday boy! A clip on head light,and a throwing tomahawk.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. Jacob designed the cake himself. It is a whitewater raft next to a campsite.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Jacob!!!

Jacob is exactly 8 years old now. It is 8:10am April 2, 2009.

Jacob is such a joy in all of our lives. He is always ready to have fun and make you smile if you are down. He is a wonderful brother,friend, and son!

Here are some pictures of Jacob over the past year. You will notice a water theme. His family nickname is Jake the Lake Snake.

As for birthday tradition, Jacob chose the menu for all the meals today. Breakfast was breakfast burritos,lunch is homemade schlotzky's sandwiches,and dinner will be roast chicken,mashed potatoes and gravy,corn and baked beans.

Have a great day!