Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Second Half of September, First half of October: Cape Charles, Deltaville, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, VA, Hurricane Matthew Hidey Hole in Eastham Creek

Friday, September 16

After finishing the last post, we came back to the boat and learned the alternator was dead and needed to be replaced.

Saturday, September 17

Brian and the boys scrubbed the dock so we wouldn't have keep dodging bird poo coming and going from the boat.

Brian and I borrowed the center's courtesy van and had lunch and did some grocery shopping.

That evening, Brian and I kayaked to the beach and watched the sunset.

Sunday, September 18

We all took turns kayaking then went to the beach in the afternoon.

Monday, September 19

The boys did school in the morning.

Midafternoon, Brian and I walked to the nature preserve.

Coming back, it started raining. We got soaked.

Tuesday, September 20

Rainy day ALL day.

Wednesday, September 21

It is my Mom's birthday!

The boys did their school work and in the afternoon I took them to see the preserve.

Thursday, September 22


Laundry on the deck
Evening walk

Friday, September 23

Brian and I have lunch and grocery shop in town.

The mechanic installed a fuse.

That evening we were invited to join a group of power boaters who were having a weekend get together at the Yacht Center.  They had come up from Virginia Beach.

They were all very friendly.  Our boys watched a movie with four other kids on one of the big boats. (57feet)  The kids all got along great together and had fun playing frisbee and tossing a water bottle and trying to get it to land standing up.  I guess that is the latest kid game.

Since there had been so much rain earlier in the week, the guys had trouble getting a fire started in the fire pit.

I mentioned that frito chips are greasy enough, that they make good kindling.  All they had were healthy tortilla chips that had no grease, but had fun tossing them in the fire and saying the crazy sailboat lady said to do it.

Saturday, September 24

With the boat finally fixed, we left about 9:25 and were planning to go up to Onancock and see the Whitley Family again.

But the weather did not cooperate and we had to turn off and go back over to Deltaville.  We got anchored in Jackson Creek about 6pm after a rough ride across the bay.

Sunday, September 25

We took the day and explored all over Deltaville. We had anchored closer to the public dock, so it was convenient to go to shore.

We found the library right off the main road. Then turned right and went to the park and museum area.

Being in Virginia, where the slogan is "Virginia is for Lovers"  many of the towns have LOVE sculptures.

After looking at boats in several boat yards, we headed back the other way.

We found a 7-11 and picked up a $5 pizza for lunch.  Another mile and a half up the road was the grocery store and a Dollar General.  We picked up a few things, then started the long trek back to the boat.

Caleb and I each have a step tracker on our phones and when all was said and done, we were just shy of 30,000 steps for the day.

We figured we did about 7 miles total.

Monday and Tuesday, September 26-27

The boys did school in the mornings, then we would hang out at the library.  Brian rode his bike around town looking at boats.

After seeing all we could see and do in Deltaville, we figured it was time to start heading back south towards NC.

Wednesday, September 28

Caleb pulled the anchor about 7:50 and we went 57 miles down to Portsmouth and anchored in the hospital anchorage.

Thursday, September 29

While the boys did school on the boat, Brian and I donned our back packs and dinghied over to the ferry dock.  It was covered with water, so we tied up to the stairs.

We topped off our water bottles and walked the two miles over tot he Food Lion.

Back at the boat, we put our food away and later the boys and I went to the library.

Friday, September 30

The boys did their school work.
For lunch, Brian and I walked to the Chinese Buffet.

Later in the afternoon, we all went to the library, the Brian bought the boys a pizza for dinner at 7-11.

Saturday, October 1

Brian came down with a cold, so he stayed in bed most of the day resting.

The boys and I went back to the library.  I wanted to do a blog update, but the computer was acting up and I could not do it.

But over the few days during our times at the library, I was able to finish reading the newest Jan Karon book I had started at the Deltaville library.

Sunday, October 2

We left Portsmouth at 9:18 am.  We had decided to come back by way of the Dismal Swamp, just to see something new.  We turned in and just before the lock, the lock master radioed and said that while the swamp was officially open,(they had been closed due to flooding) there were six missing picnic tables and we didn't want to risk finding one with our boat!  We thanked him and turned around to go back to the regular ICW. We tied off to the Great Bridge wall a little after noon.

We walked over to Wendy's and had lunch, then started to walk to Wal-Mart. We got part way and decided it was too far. Brian was on the bike, so he went ahead the rest of the way and the boys and I walked back to the boat.

Just as we got back, it started raining. Brian had to ride back 4 miles in a big down pour.  Not good when he was already not feeling great.

After the rain shower we walked around the paved path learning some of the history.

The nature trail path was flooded.

That evening, he wanted tacos, so went to taco bell, while the boys and I worked down leftovers.  But he brought back a surprise for us.

A Redbox movie!  We had a great evening watching God's Not Dead 2.

Monday, October 3

On our phone we have a 7-11 app and starting this day, if you show the app you get a free coffee, anysize.  Brian and I woke up early and walked over to get our free coffees and return the redbox.  We stopped into the store and brought back doughnuts and milk for a surprise breakfast for the boys.

That morning, Brian went bike riding and I walked on the trail.

We could only be tied up at the Great Bridge wall for 24 hours, so about 11:30 we untied and moved on down the ICW.

We anchored for the night at Statute Mile 56 near the green marker 151 around 6:15pm.

Statute Markers are the mile markers along the ICW from Norfolk, VA which is mile 0 down to southern FL and the Keys which is mile 1,243.8.

Tuesday, October 4

Anchor up by 7am and down again at 5:30 at SM 127 off of R24.  A 71 mile day.
This was in the Pungo River near Belhaven, NC.

Wednesday, October 5

By now everyone had been traking Hurricane Matthew and making plans to get to a safe place.  We figured we still had a couple days and decided to stop in Belhaven for a visit before hunkering down for the storm.

We got there and were informed that with the wind already picking up and the direction it was blowing, it would be better to visit the town another time.

We backed out of the slip and continued on south, crossing the Pamlico Sound and entering Goose Creek.

The charts showed that Eastham Creek looked to be a good choice to duck into, so we did.

Once anchored, about 2pm, Brian and Caleb replaced the seals in two windows.

The next morning, some fishermen told us we could go further up the creek for more protection, the depths stayed at 8feet pretty far up.

So we and a trawler that was also anchored nearby, moved further in.

Pulling up the anchor to move, Caleb discovered a beat up crab pot tangled in the it.

He got it off, and we continued up the creek.

We re-anchored and put out extra chain rode.  Brian and Caleb built a new bridle for the anchor.  It is used to take the strain of the chain rode.

We worked on bringing in extra paddles, the inflatable kayak and took down the tarp.  Brian and Caleb put extra tie downs on the dinghy and water and fuel jugs, all in preparation of the coming storm.

Friday and Saturday, October 7-8

There was no cell service this far up the creek. On Friday we were able to get one radio station on the regular radio.  We regularly checked the progress of the storm on the VHF radio channel 2.

The boys did school and we played several board games.

Brian was finally able to get rested up and get over his cold.

On Saturday morning, Brian and the boys changed the oil in the generator. We played more board games and cards.

By 6:30 Saturday evening the wind started to pick up. One gust was 48 knots.

Sunday, October 9

By three am we were in the midst of it. The boat heeled and things not totally secured in the kitchen fell over.  No big deal. I picked the spilled utinsels up and put them in the sink along with the tea kettle, pressure cooker, french press, and cups.

Brian clocked the wind at 76 knots.

Through it all the anchor held and we did not drag or drift.

After the storm

Later in the day while playing Monopoly, the radar reflector fell off of the mast. That was the only casualty. But even then, it was a piece of equipment Brian says we do not really need, so it was ok.

Continuing to check the weather throughout the day to see when we can safely head out.  Five days without contact with family and friends was getting hard for me to deal with.

Thankfully Monday turned out to be the day!

Monday, October 10

We left at first light.

We made great time and sailed most of the way back to our sailing club near New Bern.

As soon as we got a signal on the phone we were busy calling parents and friends and returning messages.

We tied up to the T at BSC at 3pm.

Tuesday, October 11

Our dear friends, the Johnson's, had generously offered their home for laundry and to taxi us for errands.  We took them up on it and Sally picked up the boys and I and we spent the day doing laundry and grocery shopping at Wal Mart.  Both very much needed.  Thank You Andy and Sally!!!

Late that afternoon , Brian sold our dinghy.  He has been wanting a lighter weight and more rigid style.  He has been searching and is considering a Walker Bay style.

So we are back at the club for awhile until we get a replacement dinghy and do a few little jobs on the boat before leaving to go to FL for the winter.

Brian is also using this time to work with Tom and Charlie on Tom and Ollie's boat.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the flooding caused by the storm.  Especially Pitt county, where Luke and Jacob are with close friends.


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